Saturday, January 21, 2012

The FBI Response to an OpenBSD FOIA

As ably documented by John Young on Cryptome, there was a long-running, slow-burning controversy over claims that OpenBSD had flaws built into by individuals operating at the behest of the FBI. Reading through the Cryptome documented exchanges, I failed to see anyone considered contacting the FBI, either directly or via FOIA request, on the matter and reporting a response. (1) So I had my cut- out fire off  a request for records relating to the non-profit created around the OS. Below is the no record response the Bureau sent back. Take it for what you will.

FBI No Records Response Letter RE: BSD Foundation                                                           

Since Netcraft has confirmed that BSD is dying, I doubt this will be an issue much longer.

(1) Someone did contact a former FBI agent via Twitter and received a denial

Ivan Saric: A Short Biography

Ivan Saric's INSCOM file (or part of it). For some reason it is not included on the finding aids of the RG 319 IWG records. I acquired through a redirected FOIA request to INSCOM. I suspect because, according to this release, it only contained a brief half-paged blurb worth of biography. The page also a short biography of Gregorij Rožman, bishop of Ljubljana and collaborator with the Nazis, who, like Saric, escaped justice after the war.

Ivan Saric's NARA/ INSCOM File