Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Secret Files of Rudy Giuliani

Below is the finding aid for the classified files from Rudy Giuliani's reign as Associate Attorney General. They are housed at National Archives II in College Park, MD.  A kind NARA staffer provided me with this copy, which I have finally scanned and published online.

The Secret Files of Rudy Giuliani

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Criminal Division-Dominica Gov't Overthrow
Homosexuality- FBI Policy
Libyan Explusion
Muriel [sic] [Cubans]
Tomahawk, Espionage, Poland

Also of interest is the fact that this finding aid is still not available in the finding aids for the records of attorney generals and their staffs in the main NARA II research room on the second floor despite a FOIA request by a classmate who received this exact same finding aid. In fact, few of the finding aids for classified files are available for researcher use.  This is not accidental. As I was told, if you do not know that this finding aid and the others like it for other attorney generals exist and that they are FOIAble, you will not ask for them or, more importantly, the files they list.

If you conduct research using Department of Justice Files (RG 60) at NARA II, there are five black binders which contain the finding aids for the Attorney General's Office, the Attorney Generals, and their staffs. Classified finding aids are rarely there. If you look through the binders, you'll notice that there is often a receipt noting that NARA received them, but no finding aid. If you want to see the finding aid, either ask an archivist. If they like you, ifit's uncrowded, and you've been an okay researcher, they'll either get them for you or instruct you how to FOIA for them. Otherwise, just mail in a standard FOIA request to NARA.