Friday, July 13, 2012

Is the CIA Censoring Its WikiLeaks Records?

A comparison between the "-Your search - WikiLeaks - did not match any documents-" responses given by the search engine used by the CIA's website and the multiple responsive records found Google, it appears the answer to the headline question appears to be Yes!

On a lark, I entered the term "WikiLeaks"  into the search engine used by the CIA's website. This was the response:


Curiosity piqued,  I entered WikiLeaks as a search term into the search engine of the CIA's website. This time I did more specialized search for "CSI" and "CSI Archive" results. CSI = Center for the Study of Intelligence. Here are the results.

Search of the CSI Archive for WikiLeaks

Search Results for "CSI" for WikiLeaks records:

An "Advanced search" by Google produces multiple "WikiLeaks" results"on the domain.