Monday, September 24, 2012

Is the DIA Monitoring Media Coverage of the Bradley Manning Support Network

In response to a FOIA request seeking the Defense Intelligence Agency’s records on the Bradley Manning Support Network, it appears that the DIA is monitoring media coverage of the Bradley Manning Support Network. DIA refusal to release their copies of media coverage makes it impossible to confirm, but the DIA has been shown to have its own collection of Bradley Manning Support Network media reports as well as media reports culled from the NSA and the CIA.

DIA BMSN Letter                                                                                                                                                                                             

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Plan-C: Coke Douching (Updated)

I learned this weekend that “Coke- douching” was once a practiced form of folklore contraception here in the United States. As this 12/8/1985 Chicago Tribune article on the right reports, science has shown there is some basis in fact for this home remedy as Coca-Cola Classic is an "effective" spermicide. However, the scientists involved with the study don’t recommend this form of birth control due to the speed with which sperm can move out of the vagina.

Left unmentioned is the proper form of douching with Coca-Cola.  I presume one tips back the woman’s legs and pours it in to ensure maximum coverage, sperm killing, and effectiveness. However, that is speculation on my part. If anyone knows from a similar study or personal experience, drop us a line and I'll update this article.

And we have an update. Someone saw my article on Twitter and providing the following information. Apparently "Coke-douching" performed by shaking it up and spraying it in.

As for the rest of her comments:

A)This was a form of birth control, however ineffective or distasteful we find it today.
B) I care little for the "stupid crowd" or its fate.
C) Effectiveness is a matter of opinion.