Friday, July 20, 2012

Defense Intelligence Agency, NSA Monitoring the Bradley Manning Support Network

A recent response by the National Security Agency to a FOIA request revealed that two of the most powerful intelligence agencies in the United States are monitoring the Bradley Manning Support Network. 

The extent of the monitoring is unknown but in a letter received today, the NSA revealed that it is tracking, at the very least, media reports on the Bradley Manning Support Network. In the same letter, the NSA said that it had received the document from the Defense Intelligence Agency, which had sent the record back to the NSA in response to a FOIA request submitted to the DIA for their records relating to the Bradley Manning Support Network. 

Again, it is too early to draw conclusions on the extent of the monitoring. The NSA and DIA may simply be monitoring media reports to better prepare for protests, which are occurring at Fort Meade, home of the NSA’s headquarters.

NSA Response to Bradley Manning Support Network FOIA