Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Below are copies of the RIDS FOIA Buzz, a "Freedom of Information Act Newsletter for RIDS." RIDS, which stands for the Records/ Information Dissemination Section, is the FBI component that handles FOIA/Privacy Act requests. RIDS FOIA Buzz is the newsletter that it produces.

In each edition of the RIDS FOIA Buzz is a few pages of news regarding RIDS. Each of them begins with a message from the Section Chief, David M. Hardy After his announcement, RIDS typically features about a half dozen articles on topics like recently completed FOIA requests, crazy FOIA requests, "Hot Topics," which are brief blurbs about topics or individuals that have been or are expected to be subjects of multiple FOIA requests, RIDS staff changes, and mentions of news that the RIDS staff needs to know, like other agencies FOIA office staff changes. Some inspirational quotes and amusing but safe graphics along the margins typically fill out each issue of RIDS FOIA Buzz.

The RIDS FOIA Buzz has significant value.  They provide ready examples of proof of death for FOIA requests. The quotes, while quite safe, are outside the mainstream and still enlightening. Finally, they are quite catty and there are some amusing tidbits I'll be highlighting soon.

It appears that the FOIA Buzz is no longer produced as the last copy of the RIDS FOIA Buzz is from October- November 2011 and the submitted request sought them through June 2012. A follow FOIA is in the works and any results will be posted here and elsewhere.

You can read earlier RIDS FOIA Buzz  newsletters over at the Government Attic.

Seven FBI RIDS FOIA Buzz Newsletters from 2011 to November 2011