Saturday, January 21, 2012

The FBI Response to an OpenBSD FOIA

As ably documented by John Young on Cryptome, there was a long-running, slow-burning controversy over claims that OpenBSD had flaws built into by individuals operating at the behest of the FBI. Reading through the Cryptome documented exchanges, I failed to see anyone considered contacting the FBI, either directly or via FOIA request, on the matter and reporting a response. (1) So I had my cut- out fire off  a request for records relating to the non-profit created around the OS. Below is the no record response the Bureau sent back. Take it for what you will.

FBI No Records Response Letter RE: BSD Foundation                                                           

Since Netcraft has confirmed that BSD is dying, I doubt this will be an issue much longer.

(1) Someone did contact a former FBI agent via Twitter and received a denial


  1. The OpenBSD Foundation did not exist at the time of the alleged incident.

  2. It's not very surprising that the FBI has no records on the OpenBSD Foundation. The time frame of the supposed FBI involvement seems to be roughly 1997 and a few years onwards, while the OpenBSD Foundation was organized only later (2007 or thereabouts).

    A search for "OpenBSD", "the OpenBSD project" or the names of persons likely to have been involved would have been more likely to have been useful in this context.