Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hillary Clinton: Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations “Have Been For Most Part Peaceful.”

In response to Belorussian complaints to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Hillary Clinton issued, through the US Mission to the OSCE, the statement below regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement and government handling of it. It’s an interesting read as Secretary Clinton (and the bevy of person who actually wrote) take pride in what Occupy Wall Street means saying:
We note that these demonstrations have shown in practice our respect for the universal right of the people to join together peacefully in order to voice their common concerns in exercise of their freedoms of opinion, expression and peaceful assembly, consistent with the rights guaranteed them by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
 After describing the protests as being “for the most part peaceful,” the statements pivots   nd attacks the Belorussians saying:
In reaffirming our respect for the freedoms of opinion, expression and peaceful assembly, we note the stark contrast between the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, which have reaffirmed the right to political expression, and the regrettable situation in Belarus, in which political prisoners have been imprisoned and mistreated because of their beliefs.”
The statement concludes with call on Belarus to “release all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally, to include the full rehabilitation of their civil rights,” while pledging to “hold accountable those Belorussian officials responsible for repressive actions”.

    State Department Cable: Hillary Clinton Describes OWS As Mostly Peaceful     


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  2. This ignores that Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in consultation with his banker friends and his girlfriend (who sits on the board of directors of Brookfield Office Properties, the owners of Zuccotti Park) conspired over how to put down the OWS protests, and how police illegally arrested many protesters on many occasions, and illegally "evicted" protesters from a privately owned public space dedicated to public use in order to break the back of the protest. So Hillary Clinton's attempt to contrast American from Belarus protests is bankrupt on the facts.