Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CIA Glomars FOIA Request Christopher Hitchens

In response to a FOIA request, the CIA has invoked Glomar and refuses to confirm or deny the existence of any records pertaining to Christopher Hitchens.

I honestly suspect there are some records due to his past associations with communists and just the global nature of his work, fame, and persona. I am willing to wage a modicum of my meager wage that we will have some confirmation of this when the FBI responds to FOIA requests seeking Bureau records on Hitchens.

The CIA Glomars Request for Christopher Hitchens Records                                                           

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  1. I was disturbed reading Hitchens' autobiog., Hitch-22, because it seemed to me from that book that the Greek military junta murdered his mother and her companion while they were in Greece. Hitchens was an outspoken foe of the junta who engaged in public confrontations around the issue. The circumstances Hitchens described didn't make sense, namely that his mom and companion were a double suicide. His description of the whole context of her life situation and her companion makes that explanation implausible. (And who kills themselves on vacation?)