Monday, April 18, 2011

Al-Qaeda's Code Book

For some reason, INSCOM sent me the portion of the Encyclopedia of Jihad dealing with codes, ciphers, and encryption.  I am not one to let documents go to waste, so I have posted it for reader enjoyment.

al-Qaeda's Cypher Manual                                                            


  1. 3o5jpv7 decrypt anybody?

  2. Thank you very much-this was great

  3. Its seems most Al Qaeda are university trained from the text. Most probably studied in Virginia.

  4. Some twat just got financing for exposing some make believe Al Qaeda codes. Its funny how bureaucrats create problems in order to get a budget. Nice Job America. hey what about Tim McVeigh. Those woodman must be using some strong encoded messages after 20 years.

  5. Anonymous #1

    Nope. I'm semi-literate at best.

    Anonymous #2

    Thank you. I am to please.

    Anonymous #3

    If an American intelligence agency was involved with teaching Al-Qaeda cryptography, I would place blame on the NSA.

    Anonymous #4

    I saw that on Slashdot. Too funny.