Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hitting The Fee Wall: The NSA on WikiLeaks

Not unexpectedly, the National Security Agency has invoked Glomar in response to the one of FOIA requests that I had submitted to the NSA seeking intelligence records on WikiLeaks.

Unexpectedly, the National Security Agency merged the request for WikiLeaks records with a request I had submitted to the NSA for all emails sent to or by the General Alexander DirNSA pertaining to WikiLeaks or Julian Assange. The National Security Agency conceded that they possessed non-intelligence records pertaining to WikiLeaks, but as the letter below states, it would cost them over $3,000 to process and they would bill me for it. Since I cannot afford such fees, I had the request withdrawn. However, I think the NSA has opted, sadly, to employ fees to deny me access to information.

NSA WikiLeaks letter                                                            

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