Thursday, November 4, 2010

CIA Will "Neither Confirm nor Deny" Planning to Kill WikiLeaks Founder

Recently, I FOIAed the Central Intelligence Agency seeking “copies of all records [for] current or previous plans to assassinate Julian Assange, Australian national and spokesman for Again, despite my prior experience with the CIA refusing to confirm or deny a plot to kill Glenn Beck, I honestly expected the CIA to issue a firm “no records” response to my request. Again, I was shocked at the response I did receive.

The CIA invoked the “Glomar” response and has chosen to “neither confirm nor deny” any records pertaining to any CIA plot to kill Julian Assange on the grounds that such records, if they exist, “is intelligence sources and methods information that is protected from disclosure”

Honestly, I do not believe the theories going around claiming the CIA is out to get Assange or has anything to do with his residence problems in Sweden or the molestation and rape allegations he faces there. However, in light of the dubious decisions to employ Glomar in response to this request and Obama's proclamation that he has the right to assassinate Americans without judicial review makes me less sympathetic to CIA complaints of being misunderstood or portrayed in a bad light by conspiracy theories.

CIA Response to Assange Assassination FOIA                                                                                                                                   


  1. I was alarmed at this initially, and I checked this out. Apparently, (according to the CIA's FoI FAQ) they will automatically respond with Glomar if the request pertains to a foreign national. So this is perhaps less significant a response than it might appear.


    Second Section, Question 4

  3. We expect the CIA to TELL us about their plans?