Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jack Chick Declares War on Halloween and Calls for Restoration of Reformation Day

Jack Chick, publisher of the "Chick Tracts," the delightful piece of American religious pop culture one can find scattered almost anywhere were the public congregates and his time on their hands, has issued a call for the return of Reformation Day and announced a renewed "War on Halloween."

In a 9/1/2010 letter announcing the launch of a new Halloween centered "Chick Tract" titled "Stinky," Chick bemoaned the return of Halloween and the lack of interest in Reformation Day which is a Protestant celebration. Chick decries that "no remembers that day [Reformation Day] anymore. Now it's ghosts and goblins with kids pushing up the steps for treats".

Jack Chick intends for the new "Stinky" Chick Tract to help Evangelical Christains defeat "Satan's troops by winning kids and their folks to Christ."

Chick proclaims some success in this endeavor allegeding that "sometimes angry witches will call our ladies who take orders over the phones. They begin screaming that we are ruining their highest holy day for Satan-- and we love it."

However, a Wiccan this author has texted with responded "Hell, no," when asked if Satan was involved in Wicca or other mainstream forms of witchcraft. Apparently, Wicca and other religions that produce "witches" do not believe in Satan.

More updates on this budding war against Halloween as they develop.

Jack Chick letter for War on Halloween

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  1. Just what we need: another Jack Chick Tract that zealous people will give away to Trick or Treaters instead of candy!

    I don't understand how any adult in good conscience could give one of these tracts to a child. Have you read this new tract "Stinky" -- it is scary, gruesome and menacing. How can a guy so opposed to the alleged violence of Hallowe'en produce such violent and scary Hallowe'en tracts?

    A school in Canada last week told a Grade 3 boy to stop handing out these violent Jack Chick tracts. To see this story and my blog post about it, go to:

    All comments welcome. It's not just that Chick misunderstanding the historical and religious background of Hallowe'en, the bigger problem is that he thinks it appropriate to try to scare the hell out of young children so they will accept Jesus. I don't like the strategy. It is morally repugnant.