Sunday, June 13, 2010

Missives From an Opaque Boss: NSA DIRgrams

Below is a listing of NSA "DIRgrams" (messages from the director of the NSA to his troops). Surprisingly, few of the DIRgrams (only ten) have been redacted. Of course, this does not mean a DIRgram will be released if requested through FOIA.

Some sample DIRgram titles:

181- Law Day
201- History Channel Poll (I blogged about this one here.)
239- Media Attention
242- NSA and GCHQ Policy on Cooperation and Sharing (Partnership)
312- Closure of Bad Aibling Station
333- Information Sharing with the United Kingdom and Australia

NSA DIRgram List

If anyone is interested in acquiring a particular DIRgram for themselves,  just use the NSA's online FOIA submission form and request them. From personal experience, you will receive a response relatively quickly.

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