Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Below are copies of the RIDS FOIA Buzz, a "Freedom of Information Act Newsletter for RIDS." RIDS, which stands for the Records/ Information Dissemination Section, is the FBI component that handles FOIA/Privacy Act requests. RIDS FOIA Buzz is the newsletter that it produces.

In each edition of the RIDS FOIA Buzz is a few pages of news regarding RIDS. Each of them begins with a message from the Section Chief, David M. Hardy After his announcement, RIDS typically features about a half dozen articles on topics like recently completed FOIA requests, crazy FOIA requests, "Hot Topics," which are brief blurbs about topics or individuals that have been or are expected to be subjects of multiple FOIA requests, RIDS staff changes, and mentions of news that the RIDS staff needs to know, like other agencies FOIA office staff changes. Some inspirational quotes and amusing but safe graphics along the margins typically fill out each issue of RIDS FOIA Buzz.

The RIDS FOIA Buzz has significant value.  They provide ready examples of proof of death for FOIA requests. The quotes, while quite safe, are outside the mainstream and still enlightening. Finally, they are quite catty and there are some amusing tidbits I'll be highlighting soon.

It appears that the FOIA Buzz is no longer produced as the last copy of the RIDS FOIA Buzz is from October- November 2011 and the submitted request sought them through June 2012. A follow FOIA is in the works and any results will be posted here and elsewhere.

You can read earlier RIDS FOIA Buzz  newsletters over at the Government Attic.

Seven FBI RIDS FOIA Buzz Newsletters from 2011 to November 2011

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Which Koch Brothers Organizations Have FBI Files?

A while back, a number of FOIA requests were submitted to the FBI for Koch related topics such as political groups and companies they owned.  The proxy submitter passed them on to me. I have produced stories regarding the Aspen Institute and the Flint Hills Resources. Below is a list of Koch related firms that did not (at the time) have FBI files.  I have uploaded copies of the letters for confirmation. 

Wood River Oil and Refining Company
Matador Cattle Company
Patients United Now
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Citizens For a Sound Economy
Mercatus Center
Institute For Human Studies
Americans for Prosperity
Koch-Related, FBI Final Response Letters

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The ANC Attack on Koeburg Nuclear Power Station

After a six month lull in fighting, December 1982 saw the African National Congress strike back at the Apartheid regime with a vengeance. As the December 22, 1982 National Intelligence Daily reported, the ANC conducted a number of attacks against economic, police, and military targets that month.

The most spectacular operation was the bombing of the Koeburg Nuclear Power Station near Cape Town. The attack against the reactors of the well-protected installation released no radioactivity because nuclear fueling had not begun and caused enough damage to require three-to-six months of repairs. 

Here is the National Intelligence Daily released by the CIA in response to a Mandatory Declassification Review:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

James Baker Praises Soros Foundation

Before become a focal point of American right-wing conspiracy theories about imaged plots to make the United States a communist state, the Soros Foundation was praised and thanked for its role in bringing democracy- specifically promoting freedom of the press- in the crumbling Warsaw Pact- by Bush family consigliere James Baker.  

I guess Soros fought Communism before supporting it.

See the highlighted portion of page five

    James Baker Praises Soros Foundation     

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Archbishop of Nigeria: Occupy Wall Street is “a Positive Sign".

The State Department reported that John Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Nigeria, described Occupy Wall Street as “a positive sign because it means the criticism of the global economic system long voiced by Africa and other third world peoples is finally ‘coming home to roost’ in The West” 

    State Department Cable on Archbishop of Nigeria and OWS     

Sunday, November 18, 2012

State Department Monitored Occupy Toronto, Expected That it Would Have “Little Resonance With Canadians.”

Newly released and declassified records show that the United States State Department was monitoring media reactions to the Occupy Wall Street protests as well as the protests themselves. 
An October 14, 2011 cable from to American Consulate to the SecState WASHDC as well as to the National Security Council and the Department of Treasury reveals that the consulate was monitoring Occupy Toronto which the consulate called “a spin-off of the anti-corporate protests happening on New York’s Wall Street.”

In the cable, the Consulate provides background on the broader Occupy Wall Street movement and the nascent Occupy Toronto effort.  While praising Occupy Toronto for “coordinating itself well through the use of social media,” the consulate ultimately believed it “doubtful that Occupy Toronto can maintain the same momentum that Occupy Wall Street has shown so far” because of  the “significant differences in the economic situations between the U.S. and Canada.” 

    State Department Monitoring Occupy Toronto